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We are a Fully fledged radio station. Considering I’m no DJ this is new for me but I am very passionate about what I can offer to artist in the urban industry specifically reaching out to businesses to hire and educate the African American community about exciting activities and also putting together events that promote positive movements, festivities, that also inspires productivity! Be a part of something Major!

Hi there! Music Ground Tune In! (Hip-Hop 2020)

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Music Ground Entertainment is a company that helps developing artist and business relations through promotional and marketing services. We help small businesses by promoting their products and brands by spreading awareness through Social Media and Media advertisement via digital broadcasting and online radio station.

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Music Ground helps independent artist market their music via social media brand awareness and helps artist grow a larger support team and fan base by allowing artist music to be heard directly through our digital distribution systems & online music stations.


Radio Station with a Daring Attitude! We are your mobile-friendly Station with Hot Podcast & Cool Shows!


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We bring you live podcast daily and reach out to give you news on whose hiring, what shows are playing, to dating events, and hot events. Find out news and tune in with your bluetooth devices or stream on radio station to your chromecast devices. We are both Android & iOS compatible. If you are a musician, promoter, or DJ then this is your one stop shop. We have partnered with Music Ground Entertainment and are Launching our Brand New Radio Station set to start Nov. 15th 2019. We have a special radio promo to get featured.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Currently we are accepting applications for Broadcasters & DJs. If you have the experience working in a radio station environment we are seeking interns with the potential of hiring full time!

At his moment all of our events will be available at Music Ground. Click Here to find out what events are going on!

If you are interested in getting on our show you must be either an artist with a song that has over 5,000 plays. We only work with artist that have professionally mixed & mastered material. Producers are also welcome. Submit your links to support@musicgroundent.com

Currently are Podcast is only accessible through this Link! We are currently developing new episodes to air in 2020.If you have a Podcast that you would like to Broadcast through RadioAtl.com contact Admin@musicgroundent.com

RadioATL offers three type of advertising

  1. Radio Commericial Ads are 15sec – 45sec [We promote local businesses and independent artist]
  2. SEO Campaign Management
  3. Social Media Promotion – We promote your link using social media!

Contact: 470-775-1841